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Business Law


Our Firm offers legal advice on traditional matters relating to the creation, life and dissolution of a company.


Our team of general and specialized lawyers is dedicated providing support to entrepreneurs with respect to : choice of the most appropriate legal structure (limited companies, general partnership, etc.) ; optimization of the operation for tax and corporate standpoints ; negotiation and drafting of shareholder agreements ; project financing.


Our firm offers permanent support to its clients, companies and directors in all legal matters, including : corporate-legal secretarial work (Board and Shareholder Meetings, legal formalities) ; follow-up on contractual relationships with partners (clients, suppliers, landlords, etc.). In this regard, our Firm provides regular, thorough reviews to its clients regarding current and prospective legal issues.


Troy & Associés provides advice on all aspects of the insurance business, especially regulations on insurance companies and insurance brokers, life and property and casualty insurance policies (contractual audits, reinsurance contracts, notified losses, advice on adequate insurance policies, drafting and analysing insurance documents, etc.), assistance services contracts, insurance sales (whether online or through brokers), the tax aspects of insurance (taxation of insurance companies and brokers, taxes on insurance premiums and payments) and litigation arising from insurance sales or claims.

Troy & Associés covers all aspects of industrial risks, including litigation arising from the construction of industrial structures and equipment (breaches of safety standards, faulty performance, hidden defects, late deliveries, etc). It also advises clients where industrial damage should trigger the civil and/or criminal liability of construction firms, operators and equipment service providers, having besides expertise in product liability litigation.


The litigation practice of our Firm is the natural extension of the service provided to clients in the different areas of business law. Our Firm practices before civil, labour, commercial and administrative courts, as well as arbitration proceedings, whether French or European.