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Tax Law

I - Direct taxes

Practice areas
 Company taxation : tax planning, fiscal integration
 Consumer products taxation : tax withholding, tax withholding at source
 Taxation of corporate acquisitions, mergers or restructurings and negotiation of tax benefits
 Real estate taxation - Individual taxation
 International tax issues, in collaboration with our specialized departments : territoriality, transfer prices, profits earned in fiscally advantageous countries

Our approach


Legal representation
 Preparation of tax returns
 Audits within the context of merger or acquisition

 Ongoing counselling in the management of company tax issues, tax planning studies
 Strategic counselling to adapt at company corporate structures to overall company objectives

Defense / Tax litigation / Proceedings
 Assistance during tax audits and preparation of all documents required for such audits, representing clients in proceedings
 Assistance or representation during the litigation phase
 Representation before the administrative court of appeals

II - Registration Fees - Wealth

Practice areas
 Taxes on transfers for a consideration : business transfers, real estate sales or exchanges, transactions by real estate agents, etc.
 Taxes on gratuitous transfers : inheritances, gifts, transfers of individually-owned companies or company stock
 Registration duties concerning legal entities : transactions consummated by companies, economic interest groups and associations, transfers of equity interest, mergers, splits, partial asset contributions

Wealth tax
 All matters concerning the field of application and the calculation of the tax, its limits, exempt assets and professional assets

Our approach

 Advice, consultations
 Assistance in completing various forms and/or declarations
 Assistance to companies and individuals during inspection and/or adjustment proceedings
 Assistance and representation before the advisory authorities (departmental mediation commission - advisory committee for the elimination of tax abuse)
 Representation before the magistrate’s court and the court of appeals

III - Patrimonial Law

In today’s increasingly complex legal and tax environment, in which people and assets move around the world more freely than ever before, estate planning represents a unique challenge, which has to be managed as carefully as a business.
If you have private wealth or own a family business, you’ll be faced with major decisions at various stages of your life.
At each one, you need good professional legal and tax advice to ensure that your interests are properly protected. Apart from the financial implications, these decisions also require careful consideration of your personal situation- your lifestyle, objectives and relations with other family members.

Our practice areas

Estate planning
 advice on passing on family-owned businesses
 advice on passing on private wealth
 arranging gifts

Inheritance :

 advice on inheritance arrangements
 will writing
 settling national and international succession disputes (joint possession agreements, settlements and partition)
 inheritance tax advice
 drafting declarations
 assistance in tax disputes

Matrimonial and family law :

 analysis and choice of marriage contract
 drafting pre-nuptial agreements
 managing changes of marriage contract
 analysis and management of the property implications of divorce (division of assets, partition, settlements)
 strategy for protecting a surviving spouse and family

Organisation and management :

 advice on methods of structuring an estate, particularly through company structures
 asset management advice
 advice on division of property

International law, in association with our international taxation teams :

 advice on estate planning and inter vivos settlements in an international environment
 international tax advice and planning
 structuring private investment in France for non-residents
 advice on the legal and tax implications in France of foreign law trusts and foundations.